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Why Is Counselling Important For Study Abroad Plans

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Education Counsellors employ their expertise to analyse the academic background, career drive and the professional aspirations of the students to determine what courses would align well with their profile

According to an estimate by the Bureau of Immigration, 1,33,135 students have departed abroad to pursue degree courses this year (as on 20 March 2022), while the number stands at 4,44,553 for 2021. Assessing from the estimate, we do get a picture of the sheer magnanimity in the number of students considering studying abroad. While the process in its entirety may seem tedious, it sure does reap rewarding results once you are through with your education. While in the process, students have a lot on their plate to plan and this can be immensely taxing. It is only by the means of right support and guidance that students can tread through and make it to their dream colleges. Education Counsellors then walk in like a charm and make everything seem like a breeze! So, if you are planning to move abroad for education, lookout for a good consultant to help you sail through. If you are still pondering on the doorways that can be unlocked by having a guide by your side, we have the perfect set of reasons for you, read on! 

Broadened perspective on existing options

Stepping into the process of picking out the right college abroad and preparing for the subsequent application cycle can seem supremely overwhelming. With a plethora of options everywhere from institutions to programs, students often find themselves in a fix and that can be frustrating. This is where education counsellors play a massive role, primarily in widening students’ perspective to inculcate all the variegated options that exist. They also employ their expertise to analyse the academic background, career drive and the professional aspirations of the students to determine what courses would align well with their profile. 

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Full stack guidance

The role of an education counsellor does not just end at enlisting options for your study abroad plans, in fact it begins at that stage. With a good counsellor by your side, you will receive well rounded guidance on everything from your application forms, essays, visa application, related certifications and the like. While in the tumultuous process of applying abroad, you may encounter a series of doubts and concerns that no generalised portal can answer. Seeking help from a counsellor can ease out that process, relieving you of any apprehensions in your application. 

Prolific profile building

A career counsellor would go a step ahead and work on building your profile so that you can access gainful opportunities that come your way. By amplifying specific skills in your CV and by fainting focus on others, your career counsellor can craft the absolute perfect profile that is sure to generate great results in your professional life.  

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Professional help in career building

While an education counsellor will thoroughly guide you through your application and your subsequent profile building activities, they will also help you explore the career prospects that shall arise upon the completion of your study from a certain university. The right counsellor will trace a roadmap of your journey both in the pre and the post stages of your program. You should be able to envision a well-modelled career path to step into after your degree. 

Guided exploration of out of the box career options

When you have a counsellor by your side, you won’t just have to stick to the frequently traversed career paths. You will have an endless sea of opportunities opened up right in front of you. A good counsellor will acquaint you with the commonly chosen careers along with a range of out of the box options depending on your specific skillset and your area of expertise. 

Assistance in funding management

Studying abroad can be a hefty ride when it comes to finances. Managing all that as a student can be even more challenging. An academic counsellor intercedes into the process, sharing all the necessary details around scholarships, funding methods, loan procedure and approval, etc. You can also gain an insight around the expenses that you might incur, the living cost and how to manage all of that from your counsellor. 

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Navigate to the top with the right help

When we aspire to navigate to the very top, its imperative that we seek the right guidance from the right sources. And when it comes to education, settling for less is just not an option. Selecting the right academic counsellor for guidance then is an indispensable part of the entire process. The ideal way to select a counsellor is to have an open conversation with them to determine if their methodology and motivation aligns well with yours. Voice out your concerns and have a discussion with them, paying intricate attention to how comfortable they make you feel. Once you are able to find your person, there is no stopping you from reaching for the sky and shinning brighter than the stars. 

So, go on, take the first step in the journey of carving a glistening future for yourself. It might seem arduous at first but have faith in your and your counsellor’s abilities. Trust that it is going to be a supremely rewarding ride, good luck to you! 

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