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Study In China: Scholarships in China Without IELTS 2022 [Fully Funded]

Anyone can benefit from scholarships in China without having to take the IELTS. Chinese students who have been awarded scholarships from the Chinese government to pursue bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees are increasing in number. Chinese universities don’t demand students take language exams. If you want a scholarship but don’t want to take the IELTS, China is a wonderful place to study. You can study in China without taking the IELTS test with a CSC Scholarship. China is the finest country to study in since it offers simple scholarships and has minimal GPA standards.

China is the third-largest nation in the world. Without IELTS, scholarships are still available in China. Everyone is aware that IELTS is not required to enrol in Chinese universities. IELTS is not typically required for Chinese Government Scholarships to Study in China. Additionally included are a monthly stipend, free lodging, and health insurance.

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Applications to Chinese universities are free. 1500 public universities exist in China. There are now over 133 Chinese universities that offer CSC Scholarships. Many students from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and other Asian countries chose to study in China without taking the IELTS exam, as do many students from African nations. A list of scholarships available in China without IELTS is shown below.

China does not have any universities that demand IELTS. Perhaps you can locate a few more.

As of 2019, China’s public schools and universities have over 30.3 million students enrolled, including about 490,000 foreigners.

The top scholarships in China provided by the Chinese government for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees are listed below.

List of Universities in China Without Application Fees

  • Zhejiang Sci-Tech University.
  • Yanshan University
  • The Renmin University of China.
  • Northeast Normal University.
  • Northwest A & F University.
  • Shaanxi Normal University.
  • CQU (Chongqing University)
  • CNU (Capital Normal University) China
  • The Dalian University of Technology,
  • Liaoning state, China
  • NWPU, Shaanxi State, China
  • Southeast University, Nanjing
  • UESTC (University of Electronic Science & Technology), China
  • Sichuan University, China
  • SJTU (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), China
  • Wuhan University of technology, city Wuhan, Hebei state, China
  • Shandong University, state Shandong, China.
  • NUAA, Nanjing city, province: Jiangsu
  • Tianjin University,
  • Fujian University
  • Southwest University
  • CQUPT (Chongqing University of Post & Telecommunications)
  • Wuhan University, Hebei state, Wuhan city, China
  • HEU, (Harbin Engineering University), China
  • Harbin University of science and technology.

Top Chinese Scholarships 2022

The top scholarships in China provided by the Chinese government for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees are listed below.

  • China Scholarship Council
  • Schwarzman Scholarship
  • ANSO Scholarship
  • Jiangsu Government Scholarship
  • Hubei Provincial Scholarships
  • Beijing Government Scholarship
  • Confucius Institute Wisdom
  • British Council of China Scholarship
  • Schwarzman Scholars Program
  • Biomedical Sciences Scholarships
  • Zhengzhou University President Scholarships
  • Tsinghua University CSC Scholarship
  • Yenching Academy Scholarship.

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