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SDSU Prepares Graduates Entering Workforce

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – San Diego State University believes in the philosophy that an athletic department’s priority is to enhance the student-athlete experience, with success academically, athletically, and personally. Through interactive workshops and unique learning opportunities, SDSU strives to provide senior student-athletes with experiences that will prepare them for success as they embark on their professional careers.


In preparation for this next step, graduating student-athletes participated in over 16 hours of content related to civic engagement, personal growth, and career development through the Aztecs Going Pro (AGP) program.

“I’m proud of the work our department continues to provide around developing life skills for our student-athletes,” John David Wicker, SDSU’s Director of Intercollegiate Athletics said. “Our program is best in class within the NCAA and our staff delivers meaningful content for our students to ensure they graduate SDSU and are ready to thrive in life after college.”

Upon graduation, 31 student-athletes have full-time employment at companies such as the San Diego Padres, Stryker, Girls Inc & Gyrl Wonder, Columbus Blue Jackets (NHL), San Diego Police Department, NBC Universal, Flock Freight, GDIT Naval Hospital, 549 sports, and so many more.

“It was incredible to be back in-person with our student-athletes this year. I am so proud of what our graduating seniors have accomplished during their time at San Diego State.” said Danielle Kelly, SDSU’s Student-Athlete Development Coordinator. “They have worked extremely hard both in and outside their respective sports, taking advantage of our Aztecs Going Pro program to help prepare for life after SDSU. They have developed many skills and resources they will be able to use to become leaders and excel in the workplace and their communities, including a strong network of Aztec alumni and supporters that have helped them start their careers. We are grateful for our over 80 different Aztec alumni, professionals and supporters who have helped our student-athletes prepare for a successful transition to life after SDSU.”

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Out of the graduating seniors, 42 student-athletes completed an internship or career related work experience during their time at San Diego State. Reflecting on the importance of this preparation, one senior track & field student-athlete commented. “Aztecs Going Pro is such a great program for student-athletes to prepare and guide them to reach their professional goals.”

Many graduating Aztecs are in pursuit of a professional sports career – 19 students plan to play in the NFL, NBA or the PGA. Another 49 seniors are looking ahead at medical school, law school and graduate school programs across the country.

What our 2022 Aztec student-athlete grads are saying:

“It helped me get my mind clear and ready for life after my sport. It’s scary to think it’ll come to an end so soon, but it is reality. I am prepared for interviews, I know how to make connections, and most importantly I know I’ll always have the support of those who run the Aztecs Going Pro Program.” -Senior, men’s basketball

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“It has prepared me in several different ways. From helping me network, preparing me for interviews, resume building and so much more.” -Senior, football

“It has helped in planning life after graduation, especially work life and how to get started.” – Senior, men’s tennis

“This program opened my eyes to how to successfully transition after school and sport.” – Senior, baseball

“This program made me feel extremely prepared for any career path I choose to take.”  – Senior, men’s soccer

“I now know what to expect at interviews and how to find jobs.” – Senior, men’s golf

“It allowed me to develop my thoughts about life after my sport, as well as resume building, applications, job search, and so much more.” – Senior, softball

“Helped me realize/identify all the transferrable skills I can offer and helped me build a strong resume that highlights those skills as well as achievements and extracurricular activities that could be of interest to a potential employer. Additionally, the program helped me be more comfortable and confident talking to people and taking advantage of networking opportunities.” – Senior, Swim & Dive

“Aztecs Going Pro is such a great program for student-athletes to prepare and guide them to reach their professional goals!” -Senior, cross country & track & field

“I feel like I am extremely confident in my next step after graduation and have a solid plan.” – Senior, lacrosse

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“AGP has truly been invaluable to me because I have learned so much about how to build my career and market myself. If I had not taken AGP, I would have not been adequately prepared for professional life, because I probably would not have learned how to efficiently utilize LinkedIn or Handshake until it was too late. In addition, I have gained a lot of confidence from what I learned in AGP in terms of building my resume and again preparing myself to succeed in the job market.” – Senior, women’s golf

“It has set me up with the tools that I can use to get a job in the workforce and be successful in applying my skills I have gained through athletics.” – Senior, water polo

“It’s allowed me to get a foot in the door in terms of job opportunities.” – Senior, women’s basketball

“Help me understand the importance of building a network and a brand.” – Senior, women’s tennis

“Helped me get into graduate school.” – Senior, volleyball

“It taught me how to be successful in an interview and how important it is to prepare before.” – Senior, women’s soccer

Aztecs Going Pro is a state-of-the-art, four-year program designed to reach all student-athletes and impact their holistic development outside of school and sport. To support our Aztecs Going Pro program, please visit our website and/or join our LinkedIn page.
Aztecs Going Pro Year in Review 2021-22

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