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NSP National Scholarship Program in Slovakia 2023/2024

NSP National Scholarship Program in Slovakia 2023/2024

NSP National Scholarship Program in Slovakia 2023/2024 | Fully Funded to Study in Slovakia:
Applications are Invited from Suitable and Qualified Candidates for the
Fully Funded Slovak Republic (NSP) National Scholarship Program for 2023/2024 in Slovakia. See Eligibility,
Requirements, Application Guidelines, Scholarship Coverage and Deadline.

Applications are opened to apply for National Scholarship Program 2023/2024 in Slovakia. The Slovak Scholarships for International Students is Fully Funded Scholarship by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic. The Opportunity of Study in Slovakia for students from all over the world to continue their higher studies in the higher education institutions of Slovakia. The Masters Students, PhD Students, university teachers, researchers and artists are Eligible to apply Slovak Republic NSP Scholarship.

For this Full Free Scholarships, Participants from around the world can apply. All academic Fields & Majors are available in Slovakia International Student Scholarships to Study Free in Slovakia. There is No Application Fee Required.

About the National Scholarship Program 2023/2024:

Provided by: Government of Slovakia
Degree level: Masters, PhD, Teachers, Researchers and Artists
Scholarship coverage: Fully Funded
Eligible nationality: All Nationalities
Award country: Slovakia
Deadline: 30 April 2023

Financial Benefits:

This is a Full Free scholarship in Slovakia for international students. This free scholarships to study abroad in Slovakia will cover almost most of the Expenses, Not all, but most of the Expenses Such as:

  • The free scholarships for international students to Cover International Scholarship Holders’ Living Costs
  • Food, Accommodation During their Stay
  • University Student: 400 €
  • Ph.D. Student: 734 €
  • Travel Allowance for University and PhD Students:
  • distance up to 350 km – 0 €,
  • distance more than 350 km, max. 2,000 km – 250 €,
  • distance more than 2,000 km, max. 7,000 km – 500 €,
  • distance more than 7,000 km – 1 000 €.
  • University Teacher, Researcher, Artist
  • Without a Ph.D. Degree (or its equivalent) and less than 4 years of work experience as a university teacher/researcher/artist: 734 €
  • with Ph.D. degree (or its equivalent) and less than 10 years of work experience as a university teacher/researcher/artist: 980 €
  • with Ph.D. degree (or its equivalent) and more than 10 years of work experience as a university teacher/researcher/artist: 1,050 €.

Duration of the Scholarship:

National Scholarship Program 2023 of the Republic of Slovakia is the Short Funding Exchange Program to continue their Research in Higher Educational Institutions of Slovakia.

  • Duration of a Scholarship Stay (Students): 1 – 2 Full Semesters (i.e. 4 – 5 or 9 – 10 Months) or Full 1 – 3 trimesters, in case the academic year is divided into trimesters (i.e. 3 – 4 or 6 – 7 or 9 – 10 Months).
  • Duration of a Scholarship Stay (PhD students): 1 – 10 Months.
  • Duration of a scholarship stay (University Teachers, Researchers or Artists): 1 – 10 Months.

Eligibility Criteria

The General Eligibility Criteria is given below:

  • All International Students from around the world are Eligible.
  • University Students at Universities outside Slovakia.
  • Note that this Slovakia full scholarship for international Students 2024 is not a Full-time Scholarship for Full Bachelor Degree Programs, Master Degree Programs or PhD Degree Scholarships.
  • This is Not a Full Bachelor Degree Scholarship, Master Degree Scholarship or PhD Degree Scholarship.
  • are students of the second level of higher education (master’s students), or are students who at the time of application deadline have already completed at least 2.5 years of their university studies in the same study program.

Documents Required:

  • Academic Resume or CV
  • Statement of Interest or Motivation
  • Study Plan/Research Plan/Research Proposal
  • Two Recommendation Letters
  • Educational Documents (Results, Transcripts, Degrees)
  • Admission or Offer letter
  • Copy of Passport
  • Other Supporting Documents (If Any)

How to Apply National Scholarship Program?

You have to Apply Online for National Scholarship Program 2023/2024 in Slovakia. The detailed information is given below in an Official Scholarship website below:

Application Deadline:

The last date to apply for the National Scholarship Program 2023/2024 of the Slovakia Republic is 30th April 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the National Scholarship Program (NSP) in Slovakia?

The National Scholarship Program (NSP) in Slovakia is a scholarship program that offers financial support to international students who want to study or conduct research in Slovakia at the master’s, and doctoral levels.

How do I apply for the NSP in Slovakia?

Applications for the NSP are typically submitted online through the NSP website. The application process involves completing an online form, uploading supporting documents, and submitting a research proposal (for research scholarships).

What types of scholarships are available through the NSP in Slovakia?

The NSP offers scholarships for both academic studies and research projects. There are also scholarships available for Slovak language courses.

What does the NSP scholarship cover?

The NSP scholarship covers a monthly stipend, health insurance, and a travel allowance. The specific amount of the stipend and travel allowance varies depending on the type of scholarship and the student’s country of origin.

When is the application deadline for the NSP in Slovakia?

The application deadline for the NSP is 31 October at 16:00 CET for Summer and 30 April at 16:00 CET for Next academic year.

How are NSP scholarship recipients selected?

Scholarship recipients are selected based on their academic record, research proposal (for research scholarships), and other factors such as language proficiency and the relevance of their proposed project to Slovakia.

Can NSP scholarship recipients work while they are studying in Slovakia?

Yes, NSP scholarship recipients are allowed to work part-time while studying in Slovakia, provided that it does not interfere with their studies.

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