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Nigerian Pilot Refuses To Take Off Plane, Makes Passengers Alight From The Plane (Video)

A Nigerian Pilot has defined the true meaning of Nigeria to his passengers as he refused to take off the plane because of an existing conflict he had with one of the passengers on board.

According to the story, the pilot was annoyed by one of the passengers which made him refused to fly the plane.

Nigerian Pilot Refuses To Take Off Plane Makes Passengers Alight From The Plane Video

The story which was made available to the public by a Facebook user, she claimed that she was shocked by the event and she had experienced it via a Nigerian Airline.

According to her, a passenger had provoked the pilot and he insisted that the passenger who provoked him must step down from the plane before he takes off.

The passenger initially refused to step down and the pilot refused to take off. He invited some security personnels who escorted everyone out of the plane.

After some hours, the conflict was resolved and they all boarded the plane again and took off. They boarded the plane from Port Harcourt and were heading to Abuja.

Watch the video here:

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