Tuesday, July 5, 2022
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New summer job opportunities for teenagers


Seeking to give teens access to financial education and learn basic job skills to help them get and keep a job, Learn4Life, a network of public high schools that offers personalized learning and one-on-one instruction, offers its students a 10-week career skills program that allows them to explore career goals and learn basic computer skills, resume writing, and interview etiquette.

Joseph Scibana, director of Experiential and Professional Learning Programs, said:

You’d think it’s obvious to be on time or not wear flip-flops to a job interview, but some people need to learn that etiquette.

Likewise, Scibana highlighted how from his organization they ensure that students are always prepared for an interview, even making clothing closets available in their schools with appropriate outfits that they can borrow at any time.

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Among the various career preparation classes that teach students about workplace communication, employability, leadership skills, and financial literacy, a lot questions arise, such as:

Why is professional dress and appearance important?
What is ethical communication?
How to communicate in the workplace?
Are my academic skills relevant to the workplace?
How can a work environment promote or hinder success?
What professional skills are relevant in all industries?
What to know about income, debt, wealth accumulation, financial institutions, and investing?

A 10-credit Small Business Administration course, for example, provides students with a setting where they can access:

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An in-depth introduction to communication and business management.
Identification and development of their professional interests, as well as skills to plan, start, market and manage their own businesses.
Access to Career Technical Education (CTE), with options, such as computer programming, food service, health care, construction, veterinary medicine, robotics, and cyber security.
Hands-on skills training and earning industry-recognized certificates so they can secure internships, apprenticeships, or jobs.

“Many of our students lacked organizational skills, struggled with grammar, had no idea how to complete a job application, handle a job interview, or understand the basics of proper work behavior. We have several other electives so teens can gain the skills to be successful in any job they want to do. With employers actively seeking qualified candidates this summer, our students have a distinct advantage,” Scibana stressed.

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Learn more about Learn4Life and its job skills training.

Learn4Life is a nonprofit network of more than 80 public schools that provides more than 47,000 students with personalized learning, career training, and life skills. Each school is locally managed, tuition-free, and gives students the flexibility and individual attention they need to make academic progress. For more information, click here.

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