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My Boyfriend Is Not Supposed To Take Care Of My Needs When We Are Dating, That’s My Parents’ Duty – Lady Reveals (Video)

A lady has sparked reactions on social media after she stated that she is not going to allow her boyfriend to take full responsibility of her need when she has parents.

A video currently circulating on internet shows moment a young lady was asked her thought about boyfriends, who were somewhat mandated to take care of their girlfriends and provide for their needs.

Responding to the question, she said that so long as her parents are around, she sees no reason why her boyfriend should be the one to take full responsibility of her needs.

The Knutsford University College student maintained that it is her parents’ responsibility to take care of her needs and not her boyfriend, adding that they are only dating and not married yet.

This video has sparked reactions from social media users with same requesting to get her social media handles while some said she truly a good wife material.

Watch the video below:



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