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Married Church Counsellors Convince Lady’s Fiance Not To Marry Her, Give Him Their Daughter

A twitter user has narrated how a married couple, who are in charge of counselling in a church, altered the fate of a female member, who came for counselling with her fiance.

According to the man simply identified as Oku, the lady in company of her fiance visited the couple for  counselling and they counseled them for a period but they were counseled separately.

Narrating further, he said the counselling couple gave some not-too-good information about the lady to the man, as to why she isn’t a wife material, in order to dissuade him from marry her for their own ulterior motive.

Shockingly, after convincing the gentleman not to married the lady, they imposed their biological daughter on him and both the fiance and the daughter got married in Abuja.

Oku tweeted;

A lady took her fiance to see the Church’s counselors (Husband & Wife in charge). Both ran a couple of session together / individually with them.

Long story short, the man and wife convinced her fiance not to marry her with some reasons only to impose their daughter on Him.

Ladies and gentlemen, the dude left his fiancee and got married to their daughter in Abuja.

This world is a dark place to be.Y’all be careful out there. The END!

See screenshot of his tweet below




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