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Mapua offers scholarship grants to incoming SHS, college students

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INCOMING college and senior high school (SHS) students are more empowered to pursue their dream education with Mapua University’s scholarship grants and financial assistance programs.

Despite the high inflation, Mapua has continued to offer various financial aid programs to students who are economically disadvantaged. College grants also include a variety of Income-Based Financial Assistance Programs (IBFAP) and Upperclassmen Financial Assistance Programs (UFAP).

Meanwhile, its senior high school grants are sponsored by Mapúa, government agencies, and the Association of Mapúa High School Alumni Inc.


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Mapúa saw a 100-percent increase in scholarship applications and financial assistance last School Year 2021-2022. The influx of candidates was most likely a result of the difficulties brought about by the pandemic.

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During the fourth quarter of the previous school year, the university extended scholarships and financial assistance to 1,473 college students. Of these, 713 were granted full and partial scholarships, 142 received financial assistance, while 618 were given substantial tuition fee discounts.

On the other hand, Mapua Senior High School has bestowed 8,500 scholarship grants to students since its opening in 2016. This includes 1,903 Mapua-sponsored scholarships, 6,586 government-sponsored scholarships and 11 alumni-sponsored scholarship grants.

Students who have also demonstrated excellent performance in their academics are rewarded with an academic scholarship. It is a university-sponsored scholarship that applies to both college and senior high school students who garner a quarterly weighted average (QWA) for college students or general weighted average (GWA) for SHS students, ranging from 1.75 to 1.00.

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Students with an average of 1.50 to 1.00 are given full academic scholarship that covers 100 percent of their tuition while those with a 1.75 to 1.51 average get 50 percent tuition discount.

“Mapua believes in the importance of staying involved and concerned with the welfare of its students – whether it concerns their health or their financial capacity to continue their education. Through the academic aid and discounts we extend, we are able to help students attain a high level of education that can be their stepping stone to a more secure future,” Shaira Mhae Hermano of Mapua Center for Scholarships and Financial Assistance said.

“Students have plenty of opportunities to further their education through various financial aid programs. On top of our Mapua-funded academic grants and IBFAP, the university also offers 12 alumni-sponsored scholarships, 11 scholarship grants offered by private institutions or foundations, and our new Bukas Tuition Installment Plans aside from various student discounts,” she added.

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Some of these alumni-sponsored grants include the National Association of Mapua Alumni Australia (NAMA-MAA), Mapua Alumni Association of Eastern USA (MAAEUSA), Guinhawa Family Scholarship, NAMA – British Columbia, and Texas Association of Mapua Alumni (TAMA).

At the same time, students may also apply for scholarships offered by private entities and foundations who have partnered with the university, some of which include the AY Foundation Inc., Analog Devices General Trias Inc., EMD Technologies Philippines Inc., Maeda Road Construction Co. Ltd, Megaworld Foundation Inc., Philippine S&T Development Foundation -Manila Inc. and the Petron Foundation Inc.

Interested senior high school and college students can view Mapua University’s scholarship and financial assistance programs and submit their applications at www.mapua.edu.ph.

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