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Man Narrates How A Lady Refused To Sleep On Same Bed With Him After Paying Her Flight, Hotel For One Week Vacation (Screenshots)

A man has taken to the social media platform to narrate how a lady refused to sleep on same bed with him after he paid her flight, hotel bills and one week vacation.

According to a Twitter user identified as @MullahCo, the lady stayed clear of him after landing at the location of their vacation despite their intentions for being on the trip.

He narrated how he had to move the girls return flight ticket to the next day. She tried tempting him at night probably to plead with him but he was determined on sending the lady home.

Read his narration below …

“Took someone’s daughter for 1 week vacation. Flight and hotel paid.

The c*w has refused to sleep in my bed. Allowed her to sleep in the kids bed.

She already called her friends telling them she will be back after a week.

Moved up her return ticket to tomorrow 4PM. She leaves the hotel at 9AM for a 4PM flight.

Sent the new ticket to her WhatsApp. Delilah is now in my bed.  She’s trying everything to change my mind. Behind me Satan. You go home tomorrow!

I am not touching her. I’ll be damned if I touch her. I think I’ll take the kids bed.

View the full thread here:

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Source: Twitter

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