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Man Marries Lady Who Assisted Him With N45,000 To Pay His House Rent When He Was Broke

A Nigerian man has taken to social media to explain how he found his soul mate, Janet Ifeoluwa Oyewunmi in 2016.

In a post shared on Facebook by one Adefolarin Daniel Adeboye, he narrated how a lady reposted his food business on WhatsApp few days after he started the promotion on the social platform.

According to Adeboye, he was touched to see a lady he has never met before supporting his business by reposting his food advert, so he decided to know more about her, which led to them chatting.

He noted that after chatting for a period of time they eventually met in person to discuss and that was how the connection started but not romantically, they were just friends.

Adebayo went on to note that they both became love struck immediately after Jane assisted him with a part of the money for his rent, as he wasn’t financially balanced to pay for his N45,000 room apartment.

Taken to the popular social app, Adebayo wrote:

“We had just started @fandkmeals in 2016, and we desperately needed to spread the name, I was always posting Broadcast messages and sending to WhatsApp groups.

There was this particular group I sent a BC to, and few days later I saw that someone had reposted the earlier BC, I didn’t ask her to and I honestly didn’t know why she did, it was also a surprise because at that time not many people supported the brand.

I checked the profile to see who had just reposted, and I saw this beautiful lady, in my head “girl yi na o de bad o” I entered the DM to say thank you ma.

Few days later, we met physically and we had a long walk that ended with us telling ourselves we were never going to see again, we didn’t feel each other that much.

One way or the other, we continued being friends until we became more than just friends. The rest they say, is history.

This lady has been there through everything with me, from when I basically had nothing on me, till when she sent a part payment of my rent because I couldn’t afford a 45k room, and even till now. My girl never gave up on me.

I made you a promise Janet Ifeoluwa Oyewumi I said we were going to build an empire, now let’s get started officially. You have been a fountain of blessing for me “Oh you wife of my youth”. I made you a promise, it’s time to fulfill this.

“Thank you for your patience, your love, your believe, your support. It’s #TheIFMerger21”



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