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LPDP to sanction scholarship recipients fail to return to Indonesia

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The recipients of overseas scholarships granted by the Education Fund Management Institution (LPDP) will be sanctioned if they fail to return to Indonesia upon the conclusion of their studies.

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“Awardees not returning to Indonesia (after completing their study) will be sanctioned in the form of obligatory refunds and other sanctions according to the signed contract,” LPDP’s director of scholarships Dwi Larso said here on Friday.

According to the LPDP regulation, scholarship recipients who have finished their studies abroad must return to Indonesia 90 days after their graduation date at the latest, which needs to be proven by an official document from their universities, he informed.

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Scholarship awardees who obtain a written permit from the LPDP to continue their doctoral studies are also required to return to Indonesia after their studies, he added.

Those who violate the provisions will receive a warning letter on the first instance, Larso informed.

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Those who fail to return to Indonesia 30 days after receiving the warning letter will be sanctioned through the revocation of their LPDP awardee status and will be required to return all of the scholarship funds, he said.

The clause requiring recipients to return to Indonesia is contained in the General Guide for Scholarship Awardee Candidates and Awardees, which can be accessed through the LPDP’s official website, he added.

The institution is also working with the Directorate General of Immigration to track down scholarship recipients who have failed to return to Indonesia after completing their studies, Larso added.

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LPDP is playing an essential role in advancing the national agenda, he emphasized earlier.

“The role of LPDP has become more critical and important to advance the national agenda to support the public and private sectors,” Larso said on May 25, 2022.

In its tenth year, LPDP has granted scholarships to nearly 30 thousand students from 34 Indonesian provinces to continue their postgraduate and doctoral studies, he disclosed.

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“Through this award, we have produced more than 15 thousand alumni currently devoting (themselves) to their country from Sabang to Merauke,” he remarked.

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