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‘Lot Of Nigerian Children Go Abroad & Turn Gay – Nigerian Model Reveals, Shares His Experience

A male model has shared a revelation on how most Nigerian children sent abroad become gay.

The man identified as Peng Man on Twitter, whi made this revelation in a tweet, also disclosed his ordeal, when he first relocated to the UK.

He stressed that environmental factors influence Nigerian kids to become gay.

He added that in overseas, homosexuals proudly fluent themselves and boldly woo same gender they like.

He disclosed that when he was employed at McDonald, almost everyone there was either gay or Bi.

However, he tried his best not to be like them, though they asked him out, but he politely turned them down.

Peng Man tweeted;

A lot of Nig.erian children go abroad & turn gay, It’s largely due to environmental factors.

When I first moved to the UK & was working at McDonald’s 90% of the employees were gay/bi & were smashing each other.

Some tried to hit on me too.It was my first time seeing sexuality displayed that way.

For me it just made open-minded & aware of certain realities.

For others it would have possibly different effects. People process things differently.

'Lot Of Nigerian Children Go Abroad & Turn Gay - Nigerian Model Peng Man Reveals, Shares His Experience

Source: Twitter




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