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Learn the language of the country where you aspire to study

Dear Madam,


I would like to do my undergraduate studies in Japan or South Korea. I would like to know if writing JEE is easier or if getting a fully-funded scholarship by the Korean government is easier?

A student

Dear Student,

Neither of the two options is easy! To be able to crack the JEE exam or qualify for a fully-funded program in Korea or Japan, you need to be highly competitive and have excellent credentials. To study at any good university abroad, you need to maintain a high GPA. There are no shortcuts to achieving success in India or abroad. You need to stay focused and be prepared to put in many hours of hard work. If you are serious about going to a country like Korea or Japan, start learning the language right away and achieve a good level of communication before you apply for a scholarship. Your application and scholarship will be taken seriously and considered if you prove to them that you are really keen on studying in their country and have taken the first step by being fluent in their local language.

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Dear Madam,

I am a research scholar in the department of clinical psychology. I’m planning to go abroad for my post-doctoral studies. Please suggest to me the avenues available that give me good employment opportunities.


Dear Nityashree,

If you wish to pursue your post-doctoral studies in the USA, you have associations like APA and APPIC that list post-doctoral openings. If you wish to study in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Ireland, New Zealand etc that are known for excellent post-doctoral opportunities, it is better to write to universities directly, engage with professors in a dialogue over a period of time communicating to them about your skills, your specialisation interest and career goals. Convince them that you will be an asset to their university and have them accept you.  Application requirements for a post-doctoral program include the following: Statement of purpose regarding professional goals, Curriculum Vitae listing clinical and research experiences, official graduate transcript, three letters of recommendation (including one from the internship or work) and published research work samples.

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Dear Madam,

I want to go and study abroad through scholarships, from the U-G level. Which countries can I apply to by myself, and for which countries do I need an agent? What care should I take if I’m going through an agent?


Dear Sameera,

You can apply to all countries on your own. The only reason one uses the services of an agent or career counsellor is that they provide services that include admission, scholarship, housing, visa etc. Also, they will be knowledgeable about the universities they represent and will share a close association with the admissions office.


Dear Madam,

I want to take up a good course in sustainable development in any country abroad. Which are good courses in this? And in which countries?


Dear Jeevan,

The world over, a common concern these days is the need for harmony between the society, environment and economy. We want to ensure we leave enough natural resources for future generations’ economic development. Sustainable development includes addressing issues such as global warming, climate change, reducing pollution, poverty and unemployment. All countries see this subject as relevant and crucial and offer it in their universities. I would recommend universities in the UK, US, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and Canada.

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Dear Madam,

I am a student interested in Animation. What are the good, reputed courses available in animation abroad? Please guide me.


Dear Sindhu,

You could pursue courses like 3D Computer Animation, Animation and Visual Effects, Animation and Game Art, Digital Media and Illustration, Computer Music and Sound Art, Digital Film Production etc. Most schools offering such courses have tie-ups with companies like Disney, Pixar, DreamWorks, Microsoft XBOX and many others where you not only get hands-on experience while studying but also have the opportunity to land yourself a job in one such company. There are many courses available in the universities in the US and the UK.


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