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How to Download Npower PPA Letter on NASIMS Dashboard

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How to Download Npower PPA Letter on NASIMS Dashboard. Npower PPA leter has been released. Continue reading to see Npower PPA letter otherwise known as Npower deployment letter is a document located on the deployment page of NASIMS dashboard and this documents. It contains information such as the picture of the Npower applicant, the programme of the applicant, the place and address of the primary assignment, the PPA contact person’s designation, signature of the assigned supervisor, contact information and other important details. The Npower PPA letter must be completed by the applicant and submitted within three days of download.

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The following below are procedures to download the Npower ppa letter on Npower dashboard;

1) The Npower beneficiary should login into the NASIMS portal.

2) After the Npower beneficiary logs into the portal with his or her email address and password the beneficiary should move straight to deployment tab on the dashboard.

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3) The Npower beneficiary should scroll down the deployment page and click on “download ppa letter” highlighted in green.

4) Once this button is clicked by the Npower beneficiary the ppa letter file should start downloading into the selected folder chosen by the beneficiary. If the Npower ppa letter fails to download then the beneficiary should check back much later as failure to download the ppa letter might be due to network traffic congestion.

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5) Once the Npower deployment letter otherwise known as the Npower ppa letter is downloaded it should be taken to the address of the place of primary assignment and must be signed by the PPA contact person in the designation of either a departmental head or a district head or any other authorized supervisor such as a principal.

6) Once the Npower ppa letter is ticked “Accepted” it must be uploaded back to the dashboard on the deployment page, failure to do this means that the deployment process was not completed and the Npower Batch C stream 2 beneficiary forfeits his or her monthly stipend.

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7) On the contrary if the Npower Batch C stream 2 deployment letter is “rejected” the Batch C stream 2 beneficiary should upload the “rejection” letter to the Npower portal and apply for redeployment.

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