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Gonzalo Brujo on why he takes job candidates out for lunch

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Gonzalo Brujo, Global CEO at Interbrand, shares his career-defining lightbulb moment with CNBC’s “My Biggest Lessons.”

Leaders often say surrounding yourself with great people is key to their success, but finding those people can be easier said than done.

Gonzalo Brujo, global CEO at Interbrand, revealed to CNBC “Make It” the key things he looks for when building out a team.

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“Try to have a diversified team, as eclectic as possible, as international as possible. Diversity is critical for success,” Brujo said.

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Brujo added it’s important to understand whether there is a “chemistry fit” between a candidate and the existing team, emphasizing this can sometimes be more important than what’s listed on their CV.

To help assess whether there is a fit, he suggests employers “spend quality time” with candidates before making an offer, whether that be “going to dinner or going to lunch or trying to find something different.”

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Brujo said the aim of this is to make sure the candidate’s ambition, strategy and purpose aligns with the rest of the team and business.

This is just one of five of Gonzalo Brujo’s biggest lessons. Watch the video above for more. 

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