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Funny Reactions As Egret Refuses To Fly Off The Roof Of An SUV In Lagos (Video)

There is certainly a story that will make you smile each day in our country Nigeria. Currently trending via different social media platforms is a video of an egret that perched on an SUV and subsequently refused to fly off.

Funny Reactions As Egret Refuses To Fly Off The Roof Of An SUV In Lagos Video

The video which was originally shared by a Nigerian singer, known as Slimcase, captured the moment the egret perched on the roof of the said SUV and refused to fly off.

According to reports, the egret had been at the SUV top all the way from Lekki area of Lagos to Ikoyi which is approximately 55 minutes drive and over 27.5 Kilometers.

The Nigerian musician was said to be driving behind the SUV all through the journey when he noticed that the egret stayed at the roof top of the SUV refusing to fly off.

Watch the video here:

Reacting to the video, many social media users highlighted that it might be a visit from the SUV owners Village people, while some advised that the owner of the SUV should begin to pray immediately to avert every evil projections.

Some of the reactions below:

sheistolla said_; Na free ride I wan dey enter now, I no wan fly again

misschidel; No be extraordinary things una say una wey the see eh

the eaglet don join una for the trend na

sugarboyzey; Country hard reach animal kingdom

Kevin_nonny2: Na village people ooo.. dem don locate the guy

thennamdikanaga; Monitoring Spirit came with it’s full chest. Lmaooooooo

justice_crack; Somebody grandma is protecting him Una dey complain

police no fit stop that guy trust me

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