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Finduddannelse.dk Sustainability Scholarship 2022 | up to €5,000

Apply for the €5000 Finduddannelse.dk Sustainability Scholarship 2022: Finduddannelse.dk Calls for Applications from Students all over the world who want to Study a Master’s Program that is helping to make the world more sustainable. See Eligibility, Requirements, Application Guidelines and Deadline for 2022 Session.

Finduddannelse.dk is a Danish lifelong learning site. They believe that today’s students, through their research and future career placements, may positively affect the world of tomorrow – and they want to support them on their path!

The scholarship will be given to a student who is now pursuing or will soon begin pursuing a master’s degree. It is open to students from all around the world who wish to pursue a master’s degree that will help them make the world a more sustainable place. They wish to help others who share their desire to make the planet a more sustainable place.



Other requirements include:

Applicant should:




How to Apply

The application consists of:

Applications must be submitted in English or Danish. Applications in other languages will not be considered.



To be considered, you must submit your completed application by September 22, 2022 at 12pm CET.

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