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Emotional Moment Loyal Dog Refuses To Leave Owner’s Grave 1 Week After His Death

Photos currently circulating on the internet has spotted a loyal dog that refused to leave owner’s grave a week after he passed on.

According to reports the incident happened in northern Turkish province of Trabzon, Turkey.

The photos of the German Shepard dog lying close to the owner’s grave has been trending on social media and has attracted several reactions.

Reports gathered that the dog’s owner, named Omer Guven, relocated to the district of Kaymakli after losing his wife 12 years ago, and has been taking care of stray cats and dogs.

Emotional Moment Loyal Dog Refuses To Leave Owner's Grave 1 Week After His Death

He started taking good care of the German Shepherd as a puppy 11 years ago and named it “Fero”.

Omer who died on October 29th at the age of 92 was known as an animal lover before his death.

Fero reportedly stayed with the coffin until the burial the following day, and has been lying close to his grave for one week.

Speaking on the incident, Omer’s daughter Sevilay Surul stated that her late father loved Fero very much.

“My father loved Fero very much. She said.

“He also had an incredible love for my father. He was so sad over the loss of my father

“He didn’t eat or sleep for two days. My father loved all animals and kept them, but he had a special bond with Fero.”

Commenting on the deceased, Kaymakli community leader Temel Yilmaz said:

“Uncle Omer took great care of animals. Fero was devastated when he passed away. We even saw tears flowing from Fero’s eyes.”

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