Wednesday, July 6, 2022
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Columbia Job Center sees increase in local job openings | Mid-Missouri News

COLUMBIA − The Columbia Job Center says it is seeing an increase in job openings in the city. At the same time, it says the number of people looking for jobs is declining.


The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics shows unemployment numbers in Missouri are declining. The unemployment rate in Missouri was at 3.1 percent in May, which is a 1.4 percent decrease since last year.

The center held its monthly Walk-in-Wednesday job fair at the Columbia Public Library on Wednesday.

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Walk-in-Wednesday allows employers to connect individuals seeking jobs.

Roger Brisley is a Columbia Job Center employee representative. He said recent industry growth in Columbia has expanded the job market.

“A lot of employees are expanding their service lines that are in this area, so they need more employees than they did last year or the year before,” Brisley said. “We have a lot of new companies that have came into the area like Amazon and Swift.”

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Brisley said the center is seeing more jobs available than people to fill them.

“It is a very competitive market, even the health care market,” he said. “There’s a lot of job openings and basically more jobs than there is people to fill the jobs.”

JM Eagle was one of the eight businesses that recruited at Walk-in-Wednesday. Alonzo Wright, a salesman with the company, said the company has had trouble filling positions despite their efforts.

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“We’ve had to make a few changes, raise pay,” Wright said. “There are more openings it is strange why we are not finding people to work these days, especially with raising pay and the benefits out there.”

The Columbia Job Center hopes these events will continue to help fill available positions in the city.

The next Walk-in-Wednesday will be July 13 in the Columbia Public Library from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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