Wednesday, July 6, 2022
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Candidates prepared for the job of Miss Mississippi

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) – Representing this state as Miss Mississippi is a dream job for the 31 candidates who hope to win the crown. We talked with several of them about the work of Miss Mississippi and what they hope to accomplish if their name is called Saturday night.


One candidate says competing for Miss Mississippi is the longest and most grueling job...One candidate says competing for Miss Mississippi is the longest and most grueling job interview but it is more than worth it.(WLBT)

Competing for the title of Miss Mississippi is more than just winning the crown. It is a job that takes young women across the state and nation. All week long, they are on a job interview to prove who is the best person to win the title.

Miss All America City, Kaylin Costello, said, “this is probably the longest job interview and the most grueling job interview, but it’s honestly so worth it. I mean just to be here with all of these girls, the volunteers, the Board is just amazing, and to see the hard work that everybody puts into it and just the time and dedication.”

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Katelyn Perry, Miss Gulf Coast, said, “I think that you have to remember it is a job. While it is glamorous and it is so fun and so rewarding, it is a job, and you have to wake up every day and have goals and plans and actions for yourself.”

Candidates say Miss Mississippi can make an impact on causes across the state.Candidates say Miss Mississippi can make an impact on causes across the state.(WLBT)

Miss Mississippi State University, Emmie Perkins said, “if I am given the job of Miss Mississippi, then I can promote authenticity, I can promote the fact that I’m prepared to spread my social impact through my music marketing pilots that I’ve written up and then also that I’m just a dedicated worker in terms of promoting the best things that this state has to offer.”

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Most of the candidates say competing for the state title is not a sprint. It is a marathon of life experiences.

Vivian O’NealO’Neal, Miss Hattiesburg, said, “it is a culmination of a decade’s worth of work. This is not something that you prep for six months before, three months before, however long. This is a lifelong preparation. It’s almost a lifelong job interview.”

Miss Tupelo, Morgan Harris, “Miss Mississippi isn’t someone who should walk in the room and someone who’s there just to make an appearance, but she’s someone who walks in the room and she’s there to make a difference in someone’s life.”

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Charity Lockridge, Miss Leave River Valley, said, “this organization has given me the skills that I needed in the real world career-wise. I’m able to effectively communicate with my patients as they walk into the office.”

All of the candidates agree Miss Mississippi can make an impact on causes across the state.

Wednesday night, the candidates have the first round of preliminary competition in Talent, Red Carpet Evening Wear, and On Stage Interview. And don’t miss our special, Miss Mississippi Shining Through Saturday Night at 7:30, and then at 8 the Miss Mississippi competition begins on WLBT.

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