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BYU: Men’s role in destigmatizing menstruation | News, Sports, Jobs

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Nam Y. Huh, Associated Press

Tampax Pocket radiant boxes are seen on a shelf at a pharmacy store in Wheeling, Ill., Thursday, June 30, 2022.
Growing up in a family of six sisters, BYU student JB Eyring has never felt uncomfortable discussing women’s health. However, in high school, Eyring realized that his family’s open approach to these topics wasn’t common, with most people casually discussing strep throat or a broken arm but feeling uneasy bringing up the menstrual cycle.

“Nobody even wants to acknowledge that these issues are a thing,” he says. “It’s troubling to me how there is a lack of normalization around women’s health.”

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Eyring is a public health major with a minor in human development. Working with BYU Public Health professor Brianna Magnusson, he is researching the negative attitudes surrounding menstruation, particularly those held by men.

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