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Apply for Harvard UC Grants – The Harvard Undergraduate Council Scholarship

The Harvard Undergraduate Council is accepting applications from successful applicants. Only officially recognized student organizations in good standing with the Office of Student Life are eligible to apply for Undergraduate Council Grants. A fantastic way to acquire financial aid for undergraduate studies at Harvard.

The Harvard Undergraduate Council, which was founded in 1982, is Harvard College’s delegate student government. It is primarily responsible for advocating on behalf of students and sponsoring student activities on campus. It is also known as UC.

Since the UC Scholarships Program is funded entirely via voluntary donations from Harvard College students, it is only for the purpose of promoting the undergraduate community and improving student life. To help achieve these aims while being fiscally responsible, the Finance Committee has developed the following criteria.

Eligibility for Grants

Harvard UC grants are only available to officially recognized student organizations that are in good standing with the Office of Students. Only projects or events that satisfy the following requirements, however, are eligible for funding:

  • All Harvard College students are welcome to join the student organization. Student organizations that need “comps” for new members must accept all applicants who complete the procedure.
  • The complete project must take place between the first day after the shopping break and the last day of school, inclusive. The Harvard Five-Year Calendar contains these dates. For example, activities held during the summer or winter vacations, or during the school year, are not eligible for financing.
  • All advertising materials and show and event programs must include a visible acknowledgment of the Undergraduate Council. (For example, “Funded by the University of California.”) The UC logo, which may be seen on the UC funding website, should be used by groups.
  • Under no circumstances will House Committees (HoCos) or their events be financed. HoCos get block funds from the University of California at the start of each academic year and are therefore ineligible for extra funding.
  • Clubs in poor standing will be unable to receive UC Finance Committee financing until either a hearing by two unaffiliated Finance Committee members or a hearing by two unaffiliated Finance Committee members is completed. Clubs may go into trouble if they don’t submit receipts, don’t refund unused cash to the UC Finance Committee, or don’t complete mandatory sexual assault prevention trainings if the UC Finance Committee requires it.

How to Apply for a UC Grant

How to Apply for Harvard UC Grants The Harvard Undergraduate Council Scholarship
How to Apply for Harvard UC Grants The Harvard Undergraduate Council Scholarship

The deadline to apply for a UC Grant is every Sunday at 11:59 p.m. To be considered for an interview that week, applications must be received by this date. After the deadline, applications will be interviewed the following week.

  • Grant applications must be filed using the Grant Application Form from the Finance Committee, which may be obtained at
  • After submitting a grant application, it may be electronically changed at any moment before the grant interview. Minor changes to the grant application may be approved during the grant interview at the discretion of the Finance Committee (see below). If changes to the application are made after the interview, a second interview will be required.
  •  In the event of an appeal, the Finance Committee maintains the authority to declare a grant decision final.


Deadlines for submitting applications

Applications for retroactive grants may be filed up to 21 days after the event, as long as they are received before the semester’s application deadline.

  • All grant applications must be submitted during the same academic semester that the event occurs.
  • The Finance Committee will determine and advertise the application deadline for each semester at the start of the semester. After this deadline, the Finance Committee will not accept applications.
  • Club Sports: Each semester, club sports interviews are available. All club sports will be interviewed by the Finance Committee on the same week each semester, at a time to be announced on the UC website and disseminated to the student community. Whatever club sport that misses this deadline for any reason may be denied financing by the Finance Committee.

Interviewing for Harvard UC Grants

  • After submitting a grant application, the Finance Committee will contact the applicant via email (at the email address provided in the grant application) to schedule an interview. On Sunday evening, this email will be delivered.
  • Applicants are required to arrive for their interview on time. Interviews will typically take place on Wednesday evenings between 7:00 and 9:00 p.m., at a venue specified in the Secretary’s email. 
  • During the interview, one or more members of the Finance Committee will ask questions about the grant application’s contents in order to evaluate whether components of the project or event are eligible for financing. At least two students must attend the interview for groups seeking for $1000 or more in funding.
  • Any club that arrives more than 10 minutes after their scheduled interview time will be denied an interview by the Finance Committee.
  • If an applicant misses his or her grant interview, it might be rescheduled. However, if an interview for a particular grant is missing three times, the Finance Committee will cancel the award.

The Harvard UC Grants Allocation Process

  1. The Finance Committee will examine each grant proposal once the grant applicants have been interviewed. The Committee will vote on each grant recommendation, and grant applicants will be advised of the recommendation via email immediately after the interview by a Finance Committee representative. 
  • Please keep in mind that the Finance Committee’s recommendations are not final or guaranteed.
  1. The Finance Committee reserves the power to impose a funding reduction across any or all projects receiving financing for that week if it attempts to distribute more money than it has allotted in a preset weekly budget.
  2. All grants must be considered by the whole Undergraduate Council at the next UC General meeting after the Finance Committee meeting.
  3. Following the Council’s evaluation and approval, the Finance Committee will contact grant applicants via email to inform them of the grant’s final distribution.
  • In order to ensure financial stability, the Finance Committee has the power to impose a minimum cut across weeks.

How to Submit a Completed Project Form

How to Apply for Harvard UC Grants The Harvard Undergraduate Council Scholarship
How to Apply for Harvard UC Grants The Harvard Undergraduate Council Scholarship

Filling out and submitting a Completed Project Form For any project or event receiving funds from the Undergraduate Council, all student organizations must fill out and submit a Completed Project Form. The Harvard Complete form may be found at

  • Please be aware that the Finance Committee will be auditing these forms. Students whose Completed Project Forms and receipts do not accurately represent their grant applications may be penalized when applying for future UC support.
  • The UC Treasurer may provide you with advance grant cheques. The Completed Project Form, together with receipts, must be submitted to the UC Finance Committee within 21 days after the event or the end of the reading period, whichever comes first. Student organizations are expected to remit monies through cheques payable to the order of the “Harvard Undergraduate Council” if the total expenses of the event or project were less than the amount authorized by the Finance Committee.
  • Receipts for Club Sports are due on the final day of the reading session.
  • Applicants for retroactive funds must submit a completed project form with receipts within 21 days following the interview or by the end of the reading period, whichever comes first. Applicants for Small Grants who apply after the deadline should provide receipts within 21 days after the deadline, pending approval. The UC Treasurer will be able to issue retroactive grant cheques or direct deposits after this submission.
  • The Finance Committee retains the ability to suspend funds if the UC is not accorded financial recognition. The UC logo should be visible on all printed materials and promotions.

FAQs about the Harvard UC Grants

  1. What is the purpose of the Harvard Undergraduate Council?

The Undergraduate Council is one of the governing bodies at Harvard College. Its primary function is to represent undergraduate students on financial matters, such as the allocation of funds for student events and activities. In addition to its advisory role, it has a discretionary fund called the “Small Grant” fund that provides financial support for student groups and organizations.

  1. How do I apply for a grant from the UC? 

Applications for grants are made through an online form that can be accessed by clicking here. Please note that this grant system is only available to recognized student organizations (RSO’s).

  1. Who can apply for a grant from the UC? Any Harvard student may submit an application.
  2. What is the deadline to apply for a grant from the UC?

The online application system is open every day of the year, 24 hours a day.

  1. Who can write letters of support for my application?

Any Harvard student may write a letter of support on behalf of your RSO. Please note that you must have at least one letter of support submitted by a student member in good standing with HUDS (Harvard University Dining Services), or your application will be rejected by the UC Finance Committee.

  1. How many grants will be awarded this year?

The total amount awarded to each group is based on how much money was available in that specific category, as well as how many applications were received and how much money was spent in relation to the amount requested.

  1. What if my application is rejected?

If your application is rejected, you will have the opportunity to appeal to the Finance Committee. The Finance Committee will meet once a week during the academic year. You may send your request for an appeal by email to [email protected]. Include “Harvard Undergraduate Council appeal” in the subject line of your email, and include your name and HUID in the body of your email message.

  1. When can I expect to hear back after I submit my application?

The UC Treasurer will review applications within two weeks of submission, and applicants will be notified by email whether they have been approved or not within this timeframe as well. Please note that it may take longer than two weeks for applications to be reviewed if the applicant did not follow all instructions on how to apply correctly or there are technical issues with the online form.

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