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ALX’s Young Entrepreneurs Programme 2022 | Young Entrepreneurs

ALX’s Young Entrepreneurs Programme 2022 | Young Entrepreneurs
2022 ALX’s Young Entrepreneurs Programme: ALXAfrica Calls for Applications from Young Entrepreneurs Who Want to Innovate in Ways that Will Help Their Businesses Thrive for its 2022 Entrepreneurship Programme.
Modules, Eligibility, Requirements, Benefits
and How to Apply Online.

ALX’s Young Entrepreneurs Programme 2022 ic calling for applications. The ALX Young Entrepreneurs Program (YEP) is a 4-Week Sprint designed and taught by experienced entrepreneurs. Learn from those that have come before you and leave with a solid foundation from which you will refine, shape, and expand your business.

Africa is home to some of the world’s most forward-thinking entrepreneurs. Young Africans are proving that no matter the idea, or how simple a solution, they are creating impactful change in the lives of others in communities around the globe.

With the ALX Young Entrepreneurs Program, they have made it their mission to support those who want to innovate in ways that will help their businesses thrive. Providing entrepreneurs with the know-how to move their companies to a new stage of growth is one more way they prove their commitment to creating 2M new opportunities for rising African talent across the continent by 2030.

ALX’s Young Entrepreneurs Programme Modules

ALX’s Young Entrepreneurs Programme Eligibility

ALX’s Young Entrepreneurs Programme Benefits

How to Apply for ALX’s Young Entrepreneurs Programme

Take your venture to new heights with mentors and peers who are dedicated to driving entrepreneurial growth across Africa. Apply by February 28, 2022. 


The deadline for the submission of applications for ALX’s Young Entrepreneurs Programme is February 28, 2022

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