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Abandoned Cars Of Kidnapped Travellers Seen Along The Kaduna-Abuja Expressway (Video)

On Sunday, November 21, a video showing abandoned vehicles of some travellers who were purportedly attacked by suspected kidnappers along the Abuja-Kaduna expressway emerged online.

Armed gunmen blocked the Abuja-Kaduna Road on Sunday, November 21, and kidnapped travellers, according to PR Nigeria.

According to one of the travelers who managed to flee the kidnapping, armed bandits blocked the road at Katari village around 2 p.m. and remained there for more than an hour.

“We had to turn back when we heard gunshots and parked several kilometers away from the location,” said another visitor who corroborated the occurrence.

When we observed more vehicles approaching from the direction after two hours, we knew it was time to leave.

Another traveller spoke about the incident, he said;

“We had to turn back when we heard the shooting of guns and parked some kilometres away from the scene.

After two hours when we saw other vehicles coming from the other side, we continued our journey.

Many travellers must have been kidnapped or escaped into the bush

As we saw at least fifteen cars parked and empty when we passed the scene of the attack.”

The state police command is yet to put out a statement concerning the unfortunate incident

Watch the video showing the abandoned cars of the kidnapped travellers below

Source: www.lindaikejisblog.com

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