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I Can Cook, Clean And Knack – Nigerian Man Tells Unmarried Abroad Based Ladies To Marry Him And Take Him Abroad



More Nigerians are currently travelling abroad due to the economic and social challenges experienced in the country and a greater number of those travelling are those seeking for greener pastures.

Well, a handsome Nigerian man, based in Nigeria has taken to twitter to advertise himself to prospective abroad based ladies, who are searching for a life partner.

The young man simply identified as Chudy, notified abroad based ladies, who need a husband to join them over there, not to hesitate to reach out to him.

He highlighted his personal qualities, which include cooking, sweeping, caring, loving and also mentioned that he’s good in bed.

He also went further to disclose that his genotype and blood group are AA and O+ and also promised cute kids to his prospective partner.

He wrote;

Incase you are based abroad and you need a husband to join you over there, That’s me on my avi. I’m AA, 0+, i can cook, i can sweep, I’m caring, loving and I can knack too. We will also give birth to cute children you know 🥰. Send me a DM if you come across this hun ♥️

In other news, a Nigerian clergyman, Apostle Michael Akpor has narrated his experience with his wife, when they were still in courtship.

He said he married her as a virgin, because his wife never allowed him to touch her as she was warned by her mother not to allow a man deflower her, until she’s married else she would die.

Akpor, however, said although she was scared to die, due to what her mother told her, but she wasn’t  scared to collect money from him. Read story here.

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