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VIDEO: How Will I Breastfeed My Children – Lady With ‘Pimple-Sized’ Bo0bs, Cries Out



According to the Bible, everyone was created in the image and likeness of God, the creator, but we all appear different.

While some were created handsome and beautiful, others didn’t really have all the cuteness they wish they had.

While some are blessed with body features and make you want to look at their bodies more than once, others are not so lucky and the ones who are buoyant enough, may opt for body enhancements.

The case of a beautiful Nigerian girl, who appeared in a video lamenting over a body feature, she wish she had.

The lady admitted that she is blessed with an attractive and ample behind, but her mammary glands are not impressive to her, claiming they are too small.

She said she’s worried about the future, when she finally gives birth, wondering what she will use to breastfeed her child(ren)

Watch video below

In another news, Nollywood diminutive actor and OAP, widely known as Nkubi has appealed his wife to stop wearing his shorts and singlets.

In a loved up video, the actor was seen telling his wife to stop wearing them, because she is expanding them due to she is bigger than him. Read story here.

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