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VIDEO: Lady Surprised After Discovering She’s Wearing The Same Outfit With Driver Of The Cab She Boarded.



Seniorng has stumbled on a video of a beautiful lady expressing surprise after she ordered for a cab.

According to her, she ordered for the cab only to discover that she was wearing matching outfits with the cab driver.

She made a video showing her top dress, which is the same fabrics with that of the driver, and more surprisingly, they also wore the same colour of trousers, black trousers.

The lady who was simply amazed, wondered how they looked like husband and wife, when actually they didn’t know each other.

She was however relieved after knowing that the cab driver is still single, because if he was married, someone might see them together and go and gossip about them to his wife.


In another news, a man has given unusual replies as to why he’s still single.

The Nigerian man listed bad roads among the things preventing him from settling down which is quite strange and same time funny. Read story here.

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