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Drama As Isreal DMW’s Fiancée Flees, Barely One Month To Their Wedding



News currently circulating on internet indicated that wife of Davido’s personal assistant has reportedly  ran away few weeks to their wedding.

According to reports, Isreal DMW allegedly assaulted his fiancée months after their marriage introduction.

Popular blogger, Cutie Juls, has called out the personal assistant to Davido, claiming he almost gets physical with his fiancee months after having their introduction.

Cutie Juls wrote:

“So Isreal did an introduction with a beautiful girl called Benita on July 11th this year. Their wedding was supposed to be on 3rd October which is just next month.

Pending the wedding, the lady has been spending most weekends in Israel’s house with the approval of her parents since the introduction has been completed

Sometime this month, Isreal came back home from God knows where which he calls work and asked his fiancée, Benita to give him water to drink [as Oga] lol.

After serving him, Isreal poured the whole glass of water on the girl with his reason been that the drinking glass that his fiancée [Benita] used in serving him the water was dirty.

He then proceeded to verbal abuse and then an attempt to hit the girl.

So the girl ran back to her parents and said she is no longer interested. As anytime Isreal gets drank, he becomes very violent. He has poured food, water, insults etc on the girl on several occasions so the girl said enough is enough.

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