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I Gave Out My Bank Details Including Transfer Pin In A Dream Not Knowing It Was In Reality – Nigerian Man Cries Out



A Nigerian man has lamented bitterly after his bank account was swept overnight by suspected internet fraudsters.

According to the anonymous man, he narrated how he returned from work on a weekend and dozed off due to he was extremely tired but on waking up in the morning he discovered a strange thing that has never happened to him.

He claimed that, when he was sleeping at night, he had a dream of a bank official calling him for reactivation of his bank account and requested for his card details, which he obliged and gave out but unfortunately he woke up to see his bank account empty.

Read his story below:

Wonders shall never end, that is how i woke up one morning and discovered i have lost all my money.

I’m still wondering how it happened but only God knows the reason, i came back from work one faithful weekend and was stressed out to the extent i didn’t take my bath before i slept.

I slept in the couch instead of the bedroom, unfortunately something strange happened that I’m still imagining how such thing would occur to someone like me.

Normally, I’m a very conscious person, i observe a lot and also think very deep before doing anything, but in this case, it’s totally strange to me which I suspect it may be voodoo.

When i returned from work that day, it was on Friday evening, i slept off in the couch and i found myself dreaming that my phone rang then i picked the call and it was a guy’s voice, he described himself as a bank official and claimed they’re having technical problems in their system.

After much explanations, he told me that due to the recent system upgrade in the bank , some accounts were affected and my own was among, so he contacted as a personal assistant to guide me through in order to reactivate my bank account again.

To me i was dreaming but unknowingly to me that i was been scammed of my hard earned money, a bricks layer like me. God abeg oo!!

The man told me to forward my ATM numbers, both the card number, expiration date and cvv number, which i did by sending all but not knowing all these were happening in real life thinking i was sleeping.

It was when i woke in the morning i saw two different debit alert on my phone, there i noticed it was not just a mere dream but a reality. On Saturday and Sunday i received multiple debit alert and this time all my money were gone, I became mad.

When i checked on my phone, i saw a strange number that called me in the midnight which i suspected to be the same that called in my dream claiming to be a bank official, when i tried calling the number, it was switched off.

On Monday morning i rushed to the bank to find out what’s happening, when i got there and explained to the customer care about what happened, the lady simply told me “oga you have been scammed and there’s nothing we can do about it except to block your ATM card so they won’t have access to your account again”

I cried and cried but no one to help me out, i went to the police to make a report, they said there is nothing they can do because i was the one who personally gave the fraudsters my card details.

This is how i lost my 375k within 72hours just because I’m a Nigerian, people are making life difficult for others in a country where many are finding it difficult to survive.

Please don’t share your bank details to anyone who claimed to be a bank official because banks can never contact you for such thing. Beware of scammers, they still exist and are upgrading with different strategies.

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