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Most Accident Victims Died Due To Neglect From Those Who Supposed To Help But Chose To Take Photos – Fr Ugwoke



A Catholic Reverend Father, Ugochukwu Ugwoke has expressed disappointment over the attitude of citizens towards accident victims.

In a recent post made by the clergyman, he explained that the behavior of some present generation towards the accident victims is getting out of hand and should be looked into, mostly when it involves life and death.

According to him, most accident victims have passed away simply because those who are in position to assist them to the hospital for proper treatment chose to capture the accident scene thereby neglecting them to die.

He went on to advise that, human should not be bargain with anything no matter the condition, saving lives should be the first response instead of taking pictures and videos.

He wrote;

Most people involved in accident cases have died due to neglect because those around chose to capture the scene with their phones instead of helping to save them. Rather than taking photos and making videos of people in distressed cases, our first response should be to save life.

Source: Fr Ugochukwu Ugwoke (Twitter)

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