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Hilarious Moment Police Officer Exchanges Blows With Civilian (Video)



SeniorNG has stumbled upon a video of a police officer exchanging blows with a motorist. The officer of the law was spotted trading blows with a civilian as people watched them.

In the video, which was shared on Facebook by a popular page, Mimi Mefo Info, it reported that the police officer lost his conduct and engaged a civilian over a misunderstanding.

The incident reportedly happened in Cameroon recently but nevertheless, the cause of the fight between the man and the police personnel is yet to be revealed.

In the video, the police officer could be seen seriously exchanging blows with the motorist and tore his shirt in the process as passers-by and a female police officer rushed to hold him against fighting the civilian.

Sharing the video on Facebook, Mimi Mefo wrote:
The conduct of the Cameroon police force has once again come under question, after one of theirs was pictured trading punches with a civilian.

The officer is finally restrained by a colleague and other civilians as the watching crowd jeers.


Watch the video below;

Source: Mimi Mefo Info (Facebook)

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