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“73 Years In Marriage & Still Counting”, Adorable Photos of Nigerian Couple, Who Have Been Married Since 1948



Marriage is a journey that can outlast one’s lifetime and what makes it works, varies from understanding to love and many other things.
Successful couples often tell us that marriage is not without problems but the ability to deal with these problems so it doesn’t affect the union is very important.

Some heartwarming photos were shared on the internet by a Nigerian facebook user, showing two elderly Nigerian couple, decked in the same outfits with each wearing the same pair of sneakers too, who have been married for a total of 73years. Isn’t it that wonderful?

Yes it is, they’ve been in marriage and still married since 1948 even before Nigeria got independence and despite all that has happened, they are still happily together; unlike nowadays, where the institution of marriage is alarmingly depreciating.

The facebook user identified as Ibe wrote;

73 years in marriage and still counting
May this be your portion 🙏

See screenshot and the photos below.


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