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If Wedding Vows Include “May I D! e If I Cheat” Will You Still Marry? —Ghanaian Actress, Kafui Danku Asks



A beautiful Ghanaian actress identified as Kafui Danku has asked people, a thought provoking question on her facebook page.

According to Dakun, she inquired from her followers, if they would go ahead with a marriage that carried a death penalty among its vows, when any of the partners got involved in infidelity.

Here is what she wrote;

If wedding vows include “may I d!e if I cheat” will you still marry? 

Here is the screenshot of her post below;

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As usual, it generated mixed reactions among her followers, while some who were mostly women insisted they would go ahead with the marriage, some others were reluctant to give a direct answer, while a few gave reasons why some partners


Godfrey Ehigiator commented

Well, it supposed to be yes. But there will be a lot of husbands rap!ng their wives. Cuz some or most women starve their husbands with s3x. Just a little quarrel, the wife will refuse the husband s3x as punishment. When a wife begins to punish a husband with s3x that vow will be broken and na be that

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Simon Quainoo commented

Cheat!ng itself is not about sleeping behind your partner in marriage or in relationships,so I am sure by now a lot of people might have d!e 😃😃

Below are screenshots of some comments




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