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Man Narrates How A Girl He Usually Sleep With Every Night In His Dreams, Came In Real Life To Sleep With Him (Read Story)



Some news, one will come across may seem unreal because they sound like scenes in movies, but are real and sometimes  happen in real life.

A good example is the case of a man, who wrote to US-based Nigerian pastor and relationship coach, Shola Jordan Adeoye on Facebook, narrating a rather strange experience, involving him and a mysterious lady.

According to the anonymous man, he usually had intercourse with a lady in his dreams every night, he got fed up and decided to pray against it, because most Africans believe such encounter is demonic and can have negative effect on a person’s life, but even after he prayed against it for some months, it continued as he was still having intercourse with her in his dreams every night.

Things took a new turn, when he surprisingly met the same lady inside a bus in real life sitting beside him, they had a conversation and got acquainted.

The following day, the mysterious lady showed up in his house and they had ‘it’ in real life.

Read his story below;

“Pastor, there is this girl who always comes to bang me in my dream every nite. I have prayed for months about it, but she refused to stop. One day I was inside the bus, and to my surprise, the same lady sat behind me. We connected, and yesterday, we banged in real-time. Is she a demon or my appointed wife, sir?”

See screenshot of his story below

As usual, it attracted mixed reactions from those who read his story. While some felt it wasn’t a big deal, majority were of the opinion that it was a bad omen, some even blamed him for sleeping with her in real life. Below are some comments under the post.

Stanley Obinwa commented

From the comments here it is obvious that religion has finished us in this country, see comments, so the girl is now angel of darkness just because he her in his dream and it manifested in the physical.

What if the dream was he signed a contract in his dream and it came to pass in the physical .What if it was that somebody bought a car for him and it came to pass physically. If he was sick and had a dream where he was lay hands on and got healed and it happened physically. Ignorant is truly a problem in our society

Oga please stop banging, check the girl, does she has what you want in a woman, is she your type of woman, do you love her? If answers to the above questions are yes, please go ahead and marry her


Olugbenga Oyelakin commented

Sounds more like fiction to me. Because am sure if you see a lady you have been seen constantly in your dream in real life you will be too scared to talk to her. I think the lady she banged is an imaginary picture of the girl she sees. May be the same physique, complexion and so on.


Apama Patrick commented

Having s*x in the dream is not a good omen especially with a strange woman, and you now did it in reality. I think you are in a real spiritual situation, and I can’t say if it’s good or bad, but you are definitely in a spiritual engagement.


Olabisi Awoleye-Awotoye commented

Saw someone in your dream and you banged her, met same girl physically and you banged her. Bros run for your life you are playing with real banger as in fire crackers.In all sincerity you need deliverance seek for one.lf it was just the pics it could have been better, but banging in a dream mba !mba! mba!


Ileogben Wilson commented

When we watch too much of Hollywood and fantasy a lot, things like this happen. You had s*x with her both in the physical and the spiritual, bros please who cut that soap for you. By the way, you have to start renewing your mind. Stop watching porn and avoid her completely. Also, remember that, as you lay your bed, so you will lie on it.


Fun-me Akinrinwoye commented

The fear of God will constrain you from doing some things, no matter how appealing it looks. You can’t fear God if you have no relationship with Him.


Talatu Larinde commented

Medicine after death, you didn’t really pray, if you had,she will not appear physically, so you need more serious prayers because she MIGHT be an agent of darkness from the pit of hell.


Mercy Peter Bwala commented

You are playing with fire, better get on your knees and pray to God for forgiveness and deliverance. Go to your Pastor and inform your mother if she is prayerful. You really need spiritual help, and fast


Eve Bath commented

I will want you to monitor your self from the moment you accomplished your goal, don’t pray any prayer on this matter and use this same platform and tell us the outcome if God does not take us we will read your story once more.


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