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My Manho0d Only Works When I’m With My Girlfriend, Who’s A Native Doctor’s Daughter – Man Cries Out



An anonymous man is currently seeking for advice concerning what is currently happening in his relationship, specifically to him.

According to him, ever since he met his girlfriend, he finds it hard to cheat, not because he doesn’t want to, but because whenever he is with another lady, that is not his girlfriend, his manhood will refuse to work.

Read his story below

I was a player and a heartbreaker, until i meet my present girlfriend, who my initial plan was to use and dump, but it is no longer possible because I’ve been dating her for over one year now.

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She is a good girl, respectful, nice and everything a man wants in a girl but the daughter of a native doctor, which i was warned about.

Although she is a good partner, i still want to have other girls but i noticed that when ever i want to get down with other girls my manhood will refuse to work., not once, not twice, not thrice. The thing has made me not to bother about going after other ladies because of the shame it ends up bringing me.

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But surprisingly it always comes alive and i last longer whenever I’m having it with her. I discussed it with my friend and he told me it might have been spiritually ‘passworded’ by her. I need advice urgently.



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