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Passenger Steals Motorcyclist’s ‘Manho0d’ In Lagos (Video)



Some news we hear these days may seem like a fairytale, because they are hard to comprehend mostly when one is not from that particular region of the world, but are real.

A commercial motorcycle rider was shocked to find out that his manho0d has disappeared as he claimed that it was stolen by a male passenger, who boarded his motorcycle in Ifako area of Lagos state.

In a now viral video circulating online, the motorcyclist who is from Northern Nigeria was seen explaining that the passenger was a grown man and he noticed the disappearance after he had alighted from his bike and left.

Watch video below


This is not the first time, one has heard such news, it has been on for a very long time. Most of the suspects are usually caught and they usually confess that they use Voodoo to do it and the item is used for ritual purposes.

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