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Hilarious! Community Troops Out To Praise God After They Claimed A Chicken Was Shouting ”God Have Mercy” In Yoruba(video)



A hilarious video showing some residents of Dakanbi community located in the South West region in Nigeria coming out to praise God after a chicken was heard clucking “Olohun Dakun” which means “God have mercy” has surfaced online.

According to one of the elderly women, she heard the chicken clucked the words the first day and repeated it the second day and immediately said it was a miracle.

‘This is where the chickens come to eat when they leave their owners house. I sat down and heard the chicken say ”Olohun Dakun”. I said this is a miracle ooo…from the mouth of a chicken? The second day, it stood there again and clucked ”Olohun Dakun”.

I called Iya Kazeem and told her to come that a miracle is happening here, a chicken is clucking Olohun Dakun.” she said.

Another female resident also gave an account of how they discovered the exception chicken, she said.

”You see, on Thursday, a man who I know told me that in the middle of the night, he heard a chicken clucking Olohun Dakun but he didn’t see the chicken. When he told us that were with him, I didn’t take it serious.

However, when this old woman called me to come and see a chicken that was clucking Olohun Dakun, I went and saw the chicken and we started praising God. I asked who owns the chicken and they told me it is a christain woman living in this neighborhood.

When she came to my shop to buy something, she told me that this is what people were saying about her chicken. I told her it is true. She also witnessed as the chicken again clucked Olohun Dakun and said the chicken was giving a message”

Mummy Blessing, as she’s fondly called, who’s the owner of the chicken, also agreed that her chicken also uttered ”Olohun Dakun”

Amazingly, residents of the community crowded in front of the chicken and prayed to God asking Him to have mercy on them.

Watch the video below



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