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The Story Of Chidimma Ojukwu, Princess Odume And Uduak Akpan Shows That Not All That Glitters Is Gold (Details)



The case of Chidimma Ojukwu probably is not the only murder case since the first quarter of this 2021, there have been up to two different murder cases similar to her case.

Not too long ago, the news of Uduak Akpan and also Princess Pascaline Odume broke the internet. They allegedly claimed the lives of people but looking at the three suspects one wouldn’t believe such innocent-looking youths would engage in such act. It shows that what glitters is surely not gold.

1. Princess Pascaline Odume 

According to reports, Princess Odume allegedly killed a man, whom she went to visit where she travelled for her NYSC service at Uyo, capital of Akwa Ibom, the beautiful and innocent-looking Princess reportedly killed a man with a machete, it was disclosed, when she was interrogated about what happened between her and the man, she said she did it in self-defense after she found herself in the man’s house without her consent.

2. Uduak Akpan

Recently an ugly incident happened of a fresh graduate, who was in search of a job was murder by a young man who promised to offer her a job.

According to reports, Uduak Akpan allegedly murdered a lady identified as Iniubong Umoren, whom he met on Twitter and promised to give her a job, the lady visited him, and he tried to take advantage of her, the lady refused, so they had a fight and he forced himself on her, killed her, and buried her in a shallow grave at an uncompleted building. It even happened, that Iniubong wasn’t the Uduak Akpan’s first victim according to investigations.

3. Chidimma Ojukwu

Just like Princess Pascline Odume, Chidimma Ojukwu went to meet with Super TV CEO, Ataga Usifo Micheal, at his hotel room and something happened and she killed the man, according to Chidimma, Mr. Usifo wanted to force himself on her but she was tired and needed to rest, he insisted on “having her” unfortunately she [email protected] him and made away with his ATM card and withdrew ₦380,000 from his bank account. When she was arrested and paraded by the Lagos State police, she was asked what actually happened between her and the late Super TV Boss, she said the man wanted to force himself on her when they were done taking taking hard substance so she killed him.

Clearly looking at photos of these three suspects, you will discover that they are all looking calm and innocent, with no atom of violent character on their face, they look harmless like they can’t hurt an ordinary fly, they dressed properly and looked decently, yet they murdered someone.

It shows, that it’s not by physical looks, one may look gentle and innocent with no single violent behaviour, but the person’s mind may be deadly than what people think. Sometimes gentle looking or innocent appearance doesn’t really matter. Don’t let looks deceive you, because not all, that glitters are gold, stainless also glitters.

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