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SuperTV CEO Murder: ‘Polygamy Is The ONLY Solution To ‘SIDE CHICKism’ – Human Rights Activist, Kola Edokpayi Reacts



Human Right activist, Kola Edokpayi has suggested that the menace of married men having concubines can only be curtailed by endorsing polygamy.

According to Edokpayi, the belief that a man must be with one woman all his life gave birth to them having extramarital affairs.

Kola Edokpayi

He wonders that why polygamy is always frowned at and kicked against while homosexualism and lesbianism are legalized.

He stressed that the only solution to ‘side chickism’ is polygamy, because it makes it possible for a married man to marry as many wives as he can afford instead of dating a woman secretly which could result to emotional madness.

He wrote;

Polygamy is the only way out of this kind of emotional madness. 

They are against polygamy while they legalized homosexualism and lesbianism.   

We say yes to polygamy and no to side chickism.

With polygamy, you can eat the food without fear.

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