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Young Lady Refuses To Pay After Giving A Wrong Address, Threatens To Arrest The Driver Involved (Video)



A video trending on internet has shown a bolt driver and a lady having serious misunderstanding after the lady claimed that she was giving a wrong direction by the driver.

According to the bolt driver, the lady told him she wss going to number 13 Gerrard from Banana Island but on the way going to the place the lady asked the man to stop the car and he respectfully asked her to allow him park properly. After he parked, the girl alighted from the vehicle without paying the bolt driver.

It was reported that the lady had a call and discovered that she gave the driver a wrong direction, but instead of her asking the the driver to end the trip then pay him, she dropped from the car and insisted not to pay.

The driver added that the she threatened his life wanting to make him park in the middle of the road and even threatened to arrest him when he asked for his payment.

Watch the video below;


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