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Moment Pilot Sheds Tears Of Joy As He Flies His Father For The First Time (Video)



A video currently trending on social media shows the moment a pilot cries for joy as he flies his father for the first time.

According to the pilot named Anselm Winston, he noted that it has been a decade since he had his commercial pilot license, but luckily he had his first memorable flight recently.

In the video, which got many attention, the young pilot, overwhelmed with emotions is seen making an emotional revelation about his father and further thanked him for everything he has done for him as fellow passengers clapped for them.

In a Facebook post, Anselm Winston narrated how it has taken him about 10 years to have the opportunity to share the flying experience with his 72-year-old father. He added that, finally, the stars aligned and he was able to get his old man on his jet, hoping to give him an experience that he would never forget in his lifetime.

Watch the video below HERE



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