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“If Holy Water Can Heal The Sick, Then The Pastor Who Sold Them To You Wouldn’t Have Died Young’ – Ugezu. J. Ugezu Says



Veteran Nollywood Nigerian actor, Ugezu. J. Ugezu has shared his about religion as he said if holy water truly works the way people believe on it, their spiritual leaders wouldn’t have died young.

The movie producer and actor is obviously looking to see the reactions of Christians as he recently took to his Instagram page to remind them that if all these water that are sold to them wield power, the cleric who sells them wouldn’t die young.

Ugezu further advised his fan to seek medical assistance and not holy water or anointed handkerchief when they are not feeling well.

Here’s what he wrote;

“A quick one for those still with their senses. When you are sick, seek medical help. If holy water, oil or anointed handkerchief can heal the sick, the clergy who anointed and sold them to you would not have died young. One Love! @ugezujugezu writes”.


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