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‘How A Man Offered My Female Member ₦200m Just To Sleep With Her’ — Apostle Johnson Suleman Narrates (Video)



Nigerian clergyman, Apostle Johnson Suleman, the senior pastor and general overseer of Omega Fire Ministries International has narrated a mysterious story of how a mischievous man offered one of his dedicated female members, a huge sum of money, so he could spend the night with her.

According to Suleman, who narrated the story during a sermon, said the man kept pressurising the lady so she would agreed to spend the night with him, by offering her an initial amount of ₦10m but she refused.

He then raised it to 20 million naira, but she again refused, then raised it again to 30 million naira but she again refused.

When he(Suleman) asked the lady what made her to reject the mammoth offer, the lady said what did she have, that the man would be offering her ₦30 million just to sleep with her…

The stalker didn’t stop there, but kept increasing the money till it got to ₦200 million and even bought luxurious vehicles for some of the friends of the lady so they could help him persuade her, but it yielded no result.

When he found out he had exhausted all avenues to make the lady succumb, he finally revealed to her, that he’s the son of a very wealthy Northern herbalist, who was about to die, so they needed someone to die in his dad’s place and she was the one who the oracle chose, that could be used as sacrifice to make his father not to die.