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You Banned Cryptocurrency But The Screenshot Showed A Crypto Logo, You Want To Prosecute Those Who Use VPN to Access Twitter But You Accessed Yours Using VPN — Man Tells AGF, Malami To Resign Over Screenshot Of AGF Deactivated Twitter Account



A Nigerian public figure, Charles Awuzie has asked the Attorney General of the federation, Abubakar Malami to resign after he spotted some ‘exhibits’ in the Malami’s screenshot of his deactivated twitter account that Malami shared on his facebook account.

Awuzie, spotted a cryptocurrency trading app as well as a VPN, which implies that Malami is into the banned cryptocurrency trading as well as he accessed the suspended twitter with a VPN, which he’s strongly against.

Recall, the government implemented a temporal ban on micro-blogging and social platform, Twitter which has received worldwide criticism, and the ban has been spearheaded by the same Attorney General and the minister of information and culture, Lai Mohammed as they said those accessing twitter will be prosecuted.

Awuzie, a cybersecurity expert and many other things, took to Malami’s comment section and asked him to resign if he has any shame left and at least to save his already pierced reputation for going against all the rules, he swore to protect.

Mr Awuzie wrote;

‘Can Nigeria’s Attorney General, Mr. Malami please resign and save his name?

The problem with our leaders is that they have no shame…

You banned Cryptocurrency but the screenshot you posted showed a crypto logo.

You want to prosecute those who use VPN to access Twitter but your screenshot showed that your Twitter was accessed using VPN.

If you have any atom of self respect, you will just resign.

This is why Nigerians no longer have faith in the government – the laws are usually against the poor masses’

See photo and screenshot below