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‘Anytime The Urge Comes, I Feel Like I Want To Explode’ — Woman With High Libido Reveals, Solicits Advice(Read Her Story)



A 29-year-old Nigerian woman has come out in the open to solicit help on how to solve her excessive urge for s3x which has cost her a lot.

The anonymous lady, who is a mother of one, narrated how she turned from an innocent girl who loved God to a nymphomaniac, as she disclosed all her sad ordeals that resulted due to her insatiable appetite for it, which include heartbreaks, broken marriages and how her family abandoned her.

Read her story below;

My name is Sandra, I’m 28 years old mother of one and a divorcee and it’s because of my problem that drove me out of my marriage.

It all started when i just turned 16 and had my first s3x with our neighbour’s young brother, who came to visit them one time before then i was a church girl, who loved God. 

Although the guy first persuaded me for over 2months by telling me all sort of things, so i could be his girlfriend but i was steadily countering him with preaching, but deep in me i liked him. 

Then one day i was alone at home, he came to our house and asked for pressing iron, i gave him and before he left he kiss3d me and wanted more but i heard myself. Out of curiosity, I went to their place to collect the iron, hoping he would just kiss3d me again but one thing led to another and i didn’t just know how it happened, like he hypnotized me. 

From that day, i became wild and was sneaking out of the house to have it with him. He later travelled and i missed him, not him but s3x, from there i started sleeping with our driver and with 2 of my Jamb male tutors and then to like 3 other guys, one in my street and two in the other street, because one man couldn’t satisfy me and because my parents were barely at home. 

I can’t remembered how many relationships that ended in my university days, because i was always caught cheating, with course mates, male lecturers and other guys.

Whenever the urge comes, it will seem like my whole body is on fire till i satisfy it i won’t rest. I remembered i only slept with like 5 guys in one day. My shameful act made family was distance themselves away from me that i have to leave them and stay with my aunt after graduation.

She drove me out of her house after i slept with her husband and the husband’s younger brother. 

They took me to countless prophets but i ended up with most of them in bed until i was nearly killed by a woman who caught me in her matrimony bed with her husband. 

The incident changed me, i turned a new leaf and i changed location where i met a man who loved me and dated me despite my story.

We got married and the evil came back again, my husband couldn’t satisfy me, so i was sleeping with a deacon in my church, two guys in my street and even my male neighbor.

My husband came back home one day and caught with the neighbor and that ended our marriage of just 2years. I couldn’t go home to my parents so i’m presently squatting with one of my friends who is a run-girl, and I’m already in the business for money to take care of myself and my child but mostly for satisfaction.

I need urgent help because i don’t want to live this way forever


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