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“I Gave Up On Karma The Day I Saw Abacha’s Grandchildren Enjoying Life In A Big Way” — Nigerian Man



A Nigerian man has admitted how he gave up his belief that karma exists, after seeing the grand children of late Nigerian dictator, Gen Sani Abacha enjoying life in a big way.

According to the twitter user Edijalo he alleged that after all the funds their grandfather, Sani Abacha looted in his tenure, with many praying and thinking that karma will deal with him in future but it seems like karma does not work the way people believe. This has made him to admit that karma doesn’t exist.

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He tweeted;

“I gave up on Karma the day I saw Abacha’s grandkids at Jumeirah. MFs out there living their best lives and enjoying grandpa’s looted funds. Lol.”



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