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“Any Man Who Is Raised To Wash And Cook Properly Won’t Use Cooking And Cleaning To Measure A Wife Material”— Nigerian Man



There are some certain things that are necessary in every gender, house work and culinary skills are among, but some men believe that it’s women’s responsibility to possess this attributes and any lady who does not possess this, is not qualified to be a wife material.

According to the twitter user @dhaboy01, when a man is trained to always be neat, washes all his clothes, take good care of his room as well as knows how to cook properly, he won’t have time to measure a wife material with culinary skills or neatness.

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He further noted that, there are many things in a woman that are more important than that, a man who possesses the skills would rather teach his wife than losing her simply because she doesn’t know how to cook and wash clothes.

He tweeted;

“When a man is raised to be neat, cleans his own house, washes his clothes and cook his food properly. He won’t use cooking and cleaning to measure a wife material.

Some miss out good wives all because she doesn’t possess this attributes. Simply knowing you could teach her.”

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