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“I Had To Save Myself From Being Emotionally Hurt In Future, That’s Why I Broke Up With Her” — Man Narrates



A heartbroken man has narrated why he decided to end his two years relationship, stating that his ex-girlfriend used to spend more time with her bestie than him the boyfriend.

According to the twitter user @bright__r, he noted that she hardly spend time with him mostly when he’s free from work, but always meeting the bestie for at least three times in a week. Whenever she confronts her, she would say the guy is just her best friend from their high school days.

He further said that her ex-girlfriend planned a road trip together with bestie which lasted for 3 nights and he’s no longer comfortable with the relationship so decided to end it to avoid future heartbreak.

Few days after he broke up with her, he heard from a friend that the ex-girlfriend has started dating the bestie.

Read the story below;

I just broke up with my girlfriend of 2 years because I had to save myself from being emotionally hurt in the future.

There were many times where i hurt her emotionally but what she was doing was killing me softly.

I know you’re not suppose to be jealous of your partner’s best friend and it’s a big turn off if you are jealous but there was just too many red flags.

My ex has a guy best friend since high school & their chemistry is really good.

They both decided to plan a road trip together to Abuja, just the 2 of them alone for 3 nights. At first I was mad but I had to understand that they’re only best friends, so I decided to just relax.

But, weeks before the trip, they would always hangout & post each other on social media & do cute stuff together such as going to museums, beaches, etc… that made me even more mad. I just didn’t understand why she wouldn’t want to go on dates with me when I was always free.

When she wasn’t hanging out with him, she would have morning shifts & get out at 3pm. Then she would make time to see me, but that was only 1 night when I would see her, & she would see him 3 times a week. I would only see her once a week, & that’s not healthy in a relationship.

I felt like the side guy who would only have sex with her right after her long shift at work.

I spoke to my friends about this and they’d always make mockery of me & say stuff like “ This babe dey use you catch cruise, forget about her” but I’d always make excuses for her. Sigh.

I decided to end it with her because I was so hurt. I couldn’t take the emotional torture anymore. I wanted her back the day after I ended things, but she agreed that it’s best that we stayed separated.

Just heard from someone that she’s currently dating this her best friend.

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