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“Alien” Figure With Long Limbs And Legs Spotted Walking Along Bridge In The Middle Of The Night (Video)



A strange alien-like figure has been caught on camera strolling along a newly-constructed bridge in the middle of the night in India.

The unfamiliar creature was n*ked as it was filmed by passerby who stopped to see if it’s a real human or alien due to the shape of the creature. The incident occurred near Chadwa Dam in the Hazaribagh area, Jharkland, eastern India on Friday, May 28.

In the video, which is currently causing controversy on social media, it captures the moment the creature with long arms and legs, pale white skin, and skinny torso is spotted walking in the middle of the road as motorcyclists swerve out of the way to avoid hitting the figure.

The figure then stops and looks at them, before continuing its slow walk at the bridge.

Netizens have been arguing on social media, with some saying it’s a ghost while others said it’s an alien. Some also opined that it was just a naked human walking on its own.

Watch the video below;


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